Posted September 13, 2023

New Video Review Service Brings J. J. Keller Expertise to Dash Cam Users

Expert review of video reduces risk, saves carriers time.

Fleets that use dash cameras have a new resource to get the most from their investment – the J. J. Keller® Video Review Service.

It offers motor carriers a team of trusted experts to review their dash cam video and extra hands to accomplish safety goals – everything from establishing the correct hardware settings to determining which risky events to prioritize for monitoring.

“Our service provides support and expertise to keep carriers from getting stuck in the weeds of video event management. They can focus on their drivers and business while our team works on reviewing footage and supporting fleet safety,” stated Kevin Krull, Director of Client Success - Technology Solutions, J. J. Keller & Associates Inc.

“Dash cameras are more than just hardware. They provide a unique opportunity for carriers to bring meaningful, long-term change to their safety culture. We don’t want carriers to miss out on these benefits.”

The J. J. Keller® Video Review Service offers clients significant risk mitigation and time savings through:

  • Review, prioritization and communication of riskiest driving behaviors
  • Access to J. J. Keller® Corrective Action Training
  • Event scoring using J. J. Keller's best practice processes
  • Recordkeeping and reporting functions
  • Driver training recommendations
  • Establishment and ongoing monitoring of camera and event trigger settings

The J. J. Keller® Video Review Services is available to Encompass® Video Event Management System subscribers and VideoProtects® Video Event Management System clients on the MyGeotab platform.

For more information on the J. J. Keller® Video Review Service and related dash camera solutions, call 855-693-5338 or visit,, and