Posted October 17, 2023

Festool Announces Limited Edition Cordless Combo Kits

Three limited edition cordless combo kits include drill drivers plus circ saws or jigsaws.

Festool, a leading manufacturer of innovative, precision-engineered, and durable power tool solutions, today announced a new range of offerings designed to provide users greater versatility and convenience. Available beginning November 14, 2023, three limited edition cordless combo kits offer professional tradespeople innovation, performance, and quality for any task.

"Our limited edition Cordless Combo Kits epitomize the blend of innovation and versatility that Festool is known for," said Rick Bush, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Festool. "These curated kits offer a specialized Festool experience tailored to your needs."

Three Cordless Combo Kits: Take Your Toolkit Anywhere With A Combo Tailored To You

TID + TSC Combo Kit: Step up your game with the TID + TSC Combo Kit. The TID 18 Impact Driver offers durability, speed and precision, while the TSC 55 K Cordless Circular Saw provides unmatched safety and accuracy with its KickbackStop function. The kit includes a SYS3 M112 Systainer for systemized storage, plus a 28-tooth blade for added versatility with the TSC 55 K.

TID + HKC Combo Kit: Conquer your projects with the TID + HKC Combo Kit. Featuring the robust TID 18 Impact Driver and the HKC 55 Circular Saw, this combo kit is specially designed for precise angle cuts. The kit comes with a SYS3 M112 Systainer for easy organization and a 12-tooth blade optimized for fast rip cuts with the HKC 55.

TID + PSC Combo Kit: Experience versatility with the TID + PSC Combo Kit. Alongside the reliable TID 18 Impact Driver, enjoy the PSC 420 Cordless Jigsaw that promises tear-free, square cuts. An integrated LED light enhances visibility, while the SYS3 M112 Systainer and a range of jigsaw blades offer complete project readiness.

Starting November 14, 2023, for a limited time at participating dealers, the TID + TSC Combo Kit (577118) will be available at $999.00, the TID + HKC Combo Kit (577119) will be available at $999.00 and the TID + PSC Combo Kit (577120) will be available at $750.00. For more information, please visit

About Festool
Festool has been developing innovative, precision-engineered and durable power tool solutions for nearly a century. Founded in Germany in 1925, Festool is a leading manufacturer known for its systems-based approach to power tools that are designed for efficiency and high performance. Festool's mission, "Built Better To Build Better," focuses on creating products that empower professional tradespeople to elevate their skills and deliver outstanding work by helping them build cleaner, faster, smarter…better.

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