Posted October 25, 2023

Twiceme and Guardian Strengthen Partnership with Launch of In-App Inspection Feature for Safety Harnesses

Guardian B7-Comfort harness inspection app offers a simple alternative to traditional paper-based inspections or more complex systems.

Twiceme, a Swedish tech-ingredient in protective equipment and pioneer in worksite safety solutions, is delighted to announce the expansion of its partnership with global height safety specialist Guardian.

This collaboration builds upon the successful integration of Twiceme's Help the Helpers (HTH) technology into Guardian's B7-Comfort Harness, introduced in April 2023. 

Together, Twiceme and Guardian are taking job site safety to new heights with the addition of a Product Inspection feature for safety products, specifically full body harnesses in the Twiceme HTH App. This feature enhancement sets a new standard for harness inspection by combining technology and safety leadership.

Harness inspections are essential to safety. Ideally, users should do a thorough inspection of their PPE and Fall Protection equipment before each use. Additionally, a formal inspection of fall protection equipment, including full body harnesses, must be performed, recorded and signed at least once per year by a Competent Person other than the user.

This innovative Product Inspection feature represents the next evolution in worker safety, offering a modern and simple alternative to traditional paper based inspection process or the more complex systems that necessitate both account setup and system integrations.

As this is an added feature to the already robust Twiceme Help The Helper (HTH) app, it is now available on Guardian’s B7-Comfort Harness and to all Twiceme customers producing fall protection harnesses with a simple update to the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Key Features of Twiceme's Inspection System include:

  • Localized In-App Inspection System, eliminating the need for external databases or system integrations
  • Streamlined digital signing process for the authorized personnel
  • Ability to inspect multiple products on one report, from one device
  • Flexible export options, allowing you to save files in either CSV or PDF format according to your preference

In addition to this exciting launch, Twiceme is also pleased to announce that we are actively working on the development of several on-site safety tools slated to launch in the coming year. These tools will further enhance safety protocols and offer comprehensive solutions to businesses in need of robust safety measures.

Sean Wirth, Senior Product Manager for Guardian, stated, ”Twiceme has done a great job on the rescue and emergency side with its revolutionary Help The Helper (HTH) app. We’re thrilled to have partnered with them in taking their innovative application to the next level for the commercial construction segment, by aiding in the development and launch of the Product Inspection feature to their product. As a proven innovation leader in rescue technology already, we strongly believe the addition of this important safety feature will help continue the growth and use of Twiceme’s HTH product across industries, to make our working world a safer place.”

CEO of Twiceme, Christian Connolly, stated, "The development of this key preventative safety functionality on the Twiceme HTH platform is testament to how we work with our partner brands and how we aim to change the industry for protective equipment from the ground up. Working with Guardian on this project has shown their true commitment to innovation to make safety simpler for their end customers, and thereby commitment to improve the industry we are in.”

Twiceme's Product Inspection enhancement for safety harnesses is now available for immediate deployment to all Twiceme customers. To learn more about this game-changing technology or to schedule a demonstration, please visit this Link.

About Twiceme:

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