Posted December 11, 2023

AD Spirit of Independence Awards Celebrate AD’s Electrical Divisions

Members of the Year and Suppliers of the Year winners were announced.

AD hosted its annual Spirit of Independence Awards show at the 2023 AD Electrical North American Meeting, celebrating the best-of-the-best among AD’s three Electrical divisions in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

“We at AD love to celebrate your achievements and contributions to our community,” said Marisol Fernandez, President of AD’s Electrical & Industrial Business Unit. “Your leadership and passion for independent distribution help your companies and AD grow, and each year this awards show puts those achievements in the spotlight.”

AD’s Member of the Year awards celebrate independent distributors tremendous sales growth in purchases from AD suppliers. The winning companies have high levels of participation in all AD programs and initiatives. The following companies earned Member of the Year awards this past spring and were recognized in front of the supplier community:

  • 2023 AD Electrical – U.S. Tier 1 Member of the Year: Hannan Supply Company
  • 2023 AD Electrical – U.S. Tier 2 Member of the Year: Eckart
  • 2023 AD Electrical – U.S. ALL IN Member of the Year: Locke Supply Co.
  • 2023 AD Electrical – Canada Tier 1 Member of the Year: ROBINSON Supply
  • 2023 AD Electrical – Canada Tier 2 Member of the Year: Franklin Empire
  • 2023 AD Electrical – Canada ALL IN Member of the Year: E.B. Horsman & Son

Risoul earned the 2023 AD Electrical – Mexico Member of the Year Award during the ceremony in front of the growing AD Mexico community.

AD’s Supplier of the Year Awards celebrate partners that engage and support AD members to achieve high levels of growth and market share gains. Winning companies increased sales from members, participated in AD sales incentive opportunities and engaged in AD programs. The following companies earned Supplier of the Year awards:

  • 2023 AD Electrical – U.S. Tier 1 Supplier of the Year Growth Award: Legrand Cablofil
  • 2023 AD Electrical – U.S. Tier 2 Supplier of the Year Growth Award: ABB Industrial Solutions
  • 2023 AD Electrical – Canada Tier 1 Supplier of the Year Award: Northern Cables
  • 2023 AD Electrical – Canada Tier 2 Supplier of the Year Award: Southwire
  • 2023 AD Electrical – Mexico Supplier of the Year Award: Charofil

The Best Conversion to an AD Supplier Award goes to a member and supplier that collaborate to convert sales from a non-AD supplier to an AD supplier. The two winning companies were Revere Electric Supply and OmniCable.

To honor engagement with suppliers, the Best Annual Planning Process Award celebrates a member that implements an effective Field Marketing Summit, practices successful communication strategies, and ultimately execution of plans with AD suppliers that drive growth. State Electric Supply Co. earned the 2023 Best Annual Planning Process Award.

The Supplier of the Year for Marketing Excellence Award honors an AD supplier partner with marketing strategies and results that made the greatest impact on sales and market growth for AD members. The winner effectively communicates the value and benefits of AD in their marketing efforts. The 2023 honor was awarded to Signify.

The Best Workplace recognitions go to AD companies that earned an overall engagement score of 85% or higher on a third-party engagement survey or were recognized regionally or nationally as a “best place to work.” The winning companies were:

Bell Electrical Supply
CBT Company
Electric Supply & Equipment
Kirby Risk Corporation
Leviton Canada
Van Meter

Karen Baker, President of Electrical US Division, took the stage to honor the AD MVP award winner. Each year, the MVP Award honors an individual who makes significant contributions to their company’s partnership with AD. Winners go above and beyond in helping their companies achieve value through AD’s programs and initiatives. The 2023 MVP Award winner was Andrea Barrall, Director of Marketing for Swift Electrical Supply.

The Giving Back Award continues to expand its reach within the AD community. This award celebrates companies that achieved excellence in giving back to their community and empowering their employees to participate in giving back efforts. Many AD members and suppliers have been supporting their communities for decades. Giving back is a core value and key component of AD’s culture.

Southwire, the 2023 Giving Back Award winner has been heavily involved in charitable giving and activities throughout their communities for nearly two decades. Southwire's corporate giving occurs in two separate ways - financial support through monetary contributions and the sharing of time and talent through volunteer efforts. Often, they combine the two and the efforts increase exponentially. This year one of their programs provided for children in need of supplies in the west Georgia community.

Bill Weisberg, AD’s Chairman & CEO closed out the ceremony by presenting the 2023 AD Leadership Award, which celebrates an individual whose values, hard work and passion for AD and independent distribution shine through in everything they contribute to the group. This award went to David White, CEO of Border States, for his over 35 years of industry leadership and service on the AD LLC Board, starting in 2015. Weisberg thanked White for his decades of leadership as White plans for retirement in early 2024.