Posted December 20, 2023

FleetWatcher to Feature Connected Site Technology at WOC

Seamless integration allows users to manage all apps from one platform.

FleetWatcher will feature their advanced telematics functionality that is making the “connected site” a reality in World of Concrete booth #N1676.

Their telematics platforms seamlessly integrate with other applications and software programs, aggregating data and allowing users to manage site functionality with the FleetWatcher platform.

In addition to establishing geo-zones, tracking equipment productivity-versus-idle time, tracking driver behavior, determining yield dynamically, thwarting theft, and reporting whether personnel are qualified to operate particular equipment, the company will introduce functionalities like buckets and attachments tracking, fuel burn management, equipment inspection, and more.

“With more data out there, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of it all and make real time decisions based on that data,” said Larry Baker, FleetWatcher Founder and CEO. “But by developing advanced technology and then pairing it with technology advancements, we’re able to integrate with apps and software to provide a single system to manage complex construction projects. We continue to develop new functionality at customer request, like monitoring fuel burn, and tracking buckets and attachments.

"We also closely watch the tech industry overall and use technology advances when they are warranted. Everyone has a phone now – so gathering and delivering data via the app streamlines the integration with other programs and apps and brings the “smart site” or “connected site” concept to fruition.”

Fleetwatcher will demonstrate their new functionalities, like bucket and excavator tracking and fuel burn monitoring, at World of Concrete and World of Asphalt.

“Like all of our new functionalities, this was customer driven,” continues Baker. “Customers have been asking for small tool tracking for a while, and with recent Bluetooth advances, it is now a viable tool to collect and disseminate data to deliver the functionality. Better management of buckets and excavators gives managers a clearer picture of what is happening on site, so that they can better manage the day to day activities, and complete projects on time and on budget.”

About FleetWatcher:

FleetWatcher is a construction-specific wireless telematics product which provides complete visibility to all components used within the process. Their industry-leading Fleetwatcher Material Management Solution (MMS) is being used by 9 of the 10 largest infrastructure/paving contractors across the US. Their Construction Management Solution (CMS) module offers jobsite tracking, managing, and optimizing of production and support assets, personnel, materials and more.

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