Posted January 10, 2024

Simpson Strong-Tie Issues 2024-2025 Wood Construction Connectors Catalog

372-page catalog includes specification details and installation instructions for wood-to-wood, wood-to-masonry and wood-to-concrete structural connectors and more.

Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has published its 2024-2025 Wood Construction Connectors catalog (C-C-2024), a comprehensive guide to the company’s most recent innovations, product line expansions and existing solutions for wood construction applications.

The 372-page catalog offers extensive specification details and installation instructions for wood-to-wood, wood-to-masonry and wood-to-concrete structural connectors, as well as information on allowable loads, code reports, corrosion and coatings, fastener identification and more.

Among the new product additions to the catalog:

· DGT™/DGHT™ fire wall hangers: These fire wall hangers have a two-hour fire rating ideal for multifamily Type III residential construction and are designed and code listed to be installed with 1½” and 2½” power-driven or hand-installed nails.

· ACHZ™ heavy adjustable post cap: A new medium-capacity post cap, the ACHZ fills the gap between light-duty and heavy-duty caps, offering a medium- to high-level allowable load. It can be used for new or retrofit applications and either mid-beam or end-beam connections.

· Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware: New additions to the Outdoor Accents line include APVKB knee brace connectors, which make installation of bracing supports fast and easy, and APRT Rigid Tie® connectors, which are ideal for a variety of smaller projects and come in ZMAX® galvanized steel with a black powder-coat finish.

· ECB™ elevated column base: Ideal for installing posts on stacked balconies in multifamily structures, the ECB elevated column base features a 2” standoff to provide space for waterproofing material and a finish surface while still maintaining the required 1” standoff to prevent post decay.

· Mass timber connectors: The catalog includes four new mass timber connectors that are ideal for engineered wood construction applications, including the ACBH™ concealed beam hangers and HSKP™ heavy seated knife plate hanger.

· Offsite construction connectors: Also new are two offsite construction connectors, the SCLC™ stair cassette ledger connector for connecting preassembled stair cassettes to ledgers, and the MASOZ™ mudsill anchor for factory-built, sheathed panels.

“We’re excited to kick off the new year by sharing this new catalog with our customers. Since our last catalog, we’ve launched a number of innovative new wood construction connectors that are great for single-family and multifamily residential construction,” said Bryan Wert, Director of Connectors and Lateral Systems.

“Additionally, we offer a PDF version of our catalog on that now features useful links to all our web applications, making finding and specifying the right products for the job even easier.”

The 2024-2025 Wood Construction Connectors catalog is available for download at or in print by ordering it here.