Posted January 30, 2024

EISENWARENMESSE Ramps Up for International Hardware Fair in Cologne

The International Hardware Fair Cologne 2024 with showcase trends and innovations in the hardware industry.

From March  3 to 6, 2024, EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair will once again showcase the most innovative ideas in the industry. Over 3,000 companies from 51 countries will present their innovations in the areas of tools, accessories, fixing and fastening technology, and building and DIY supplies in the Cologne exhibition halls.

As an international platform for industry exchange, the EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair is an important trend barometer for the skilled trades and DIY. A glimpse at the current product solutions reveals which topics and innovations are especially worth paying attention to in Cologne.

Tools for the transition: New solutions for sustainable construction
Given the heightened emphasis on climate change, sustainability continues to be a top priority for the hardware industry in the development of new products.

For many companies, this begins with their in-house production processes. Manufacturers are adopting measures such as the increased use of renewable energy, streamlining supply chains and recycling of packaging materials and used tools.

At the same time, the demands of the energy transition require new solutions. New tools are being specifically developed to simplify the work of professionals in the rapidly expanding solar market. This includes the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, securing them on different roof structures and stripping solar cables.

In addition, new anchoring solutions are making the insulation of exterior walls easier by eliminating thermal bridging.

All-in-one: Multifunctional applications
The creativity and innovation of the hardware industry are also reflected in the ongoing optimisation of existing products. Tools and equipment are constantly being enhanced to expand their range of applications, whether it is screwing, cutting, drilling or milling. The latest innovations for professionals now combine various design and functional elements – they include multifunctional pliers, rotating multipurpose ladders, dry and wet drills, and mini circular saws that handle diverse materials.

Even screws are being optimised for broader applications and provide reliable grip on a variety of surfaces. Furthermore, the power supply on construction sites has also become multifunctional, with the ability to charge various tools using a single power source.

Increased speed: Better handling
Time is money, especially on construction sites. New products in the hardware industry are designed to improve handling and accelerate work processes, such as systems enabling rapid attachment changes for angle grinders and drills. Drill stands can now be set up and adjusted quickly and flexibly without anchors, while special tools facilitate the quick repair of threads.

Other examples of time-saving innovations in the industry include levelling systems with movable plate bases to quickly compensate for floor irregularities and ladder holder sets for roof racks with easy-to-use quick release fasteners.

Everything in view: Improved work organisation
When it comes to working quickly, efficient organisation of tools and accessories is crucial. There is nothing more frustrating than not having the right components immediately at hand. To address this, increasingly sophisticated case and storage systems for transporting tools and small parts are being introduced to the market. Modular designs provide convenient access to tools by combining boxes of different sizes. Sorting systems with intuitive mechanisms are even available for small parts like bits.

In addition, new ergonomic tool belts enable quick and easy access. Tool backpacks with a dedicated laptop compartment offer real added value for both manual and mental work, while transport boxes with fireproof cushioning make mobile power sources even safer.

Working smarter: Enhanced precision with digital features
Just like in other areas of life, the hardware industry is significantly influenced by the ongoing digitalisation. The integration of digital features makes it possible to optimise as well as facilitate applications. Traditional analog tools, such as levels and protractors, are now digitally enhanced for greater precision. Smart compressors equipped with WIFI connectivity allow real-time monitoring of operating parameters and timely service alerts.

In the area of home construction, sensors and new software simplify planning and control, such as mounting and fastening systems for solar panels. For renovation projects, online tools are used to provide homeowners with recommendations and support. There are also new smart door cylinders for the home on the market that allow convenient app-based access using Bluetooth 5.2 technology.

About Koelnmesse – industry trade fairs for the hardware sector: As a top international trade fair organiser, Koelnmesse is the global market leader in organising events for the hardware/ironware segment. It hosts the leading international event EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne at its trade fair grounds in Cologne, where Asia-Pacific Sourcing also showcases products, innovations and trends for homes and gardens from the Far East.

In addition to the events at its Cologne headquarters, Koelnmesse is expanding its portfolio internationally in key markets: The China International Hardware Show in Shanghai, the International Hardware Fair Italy in Bergamo and the International Hardware Fair India in New Delhi are bespoke events and leading trade fairs for the region with international participation. They create the foundation for sustainable, international business for their participants and bring together supply and demand within the sector with a carefully targeted approach.