Posted February 1, 2024

FleetWatcher Introduces Small Tools and Attachment Tracking Functionality

App is ideal for concrete saws, trench boxes, jackhammers, chain saws, attachments, buckets, hammers, zippers and other non-powered assets.

FleetWatcher introduces the newest telematics functionality for their popular construction telematics platform – Small Tools and Attachment Tracking.

With a glance at their FleetWatcher User App, users can search for an individual asset, see a group of assets on a specific project, or look at all assets in a certain class.

Now there is no more guessing as to what size bucket is installed on the excavator, or where the concrete saw is. This new functionality shows customers where the assets are, the last time someone was near them, what job they are on, if they have moved, and more.

Armed with the items last location, customers can use the scanning tool to see if it was accidentally left on the jobsite, thus preventing loss, and allowing fast retrieval. Better visibility and loss prevention improve overall operations and cost efficiencies. Implementation is fast and easy, using durable asset tags with state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology along with the FleetWatcher User App.

FleetWatcher Small Tools and Attachment Tracking is ideal for concrete saws, trench boxes, jackhammers, chain saws, as well as attachments, buckets, hammers, zippers, and other non-powered assets.

“Like all of our new functionalities, this was customer driven,” said FleetWatcher President Larry Baker. “Customers have been asking for small tool tracking for a while, and with recent Bluetooth advances, it is now a viable tool to collect and disseminate data to deliver the functionality. Better management of buckets and attachment gives managers a clearer picture of what is happening on site, so that they can better manage the day-to-day activities, and complete projects on time and on budget.”

About FleetWatcher:

FleetWatcher is a construction-specific wireless telematics product which provides complete visibility to all components used within the process. Their industry-leading Fleetwatcher Material Management Solution (MMS) is being used by 9 of the 10 largest infrastructure/paving contractors across the US. Their Construction Management Solution (CMS) module offers jobsite tracking, managing, and optimizing of production and support assets, personnel, materials, and more.

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