Posted February 12, 2024

Power Tool Institute Launches Miter Saw Safety Video

Easy-to-share safe miter saw operations with customers.

The Power Tool Institute (PTI), an organization for power tool safety resources, information, and education, has launched a new online safety video designed to help users better understand the safe way to use miter saws.

Power Tool Institute Launches New Miter Saw Safety Video The video, another in PTI’s series of safety videos, contains information on:

  • Safe workspaces
  • Planning work
  • The components of a miter saw
  • Different types of miter saws
  • Safe miter saw operation
  • How to safely make cuts

All PTI safety videos can be found under the Safety Education tab of the PTI website (, and on PTI’s YouTube channel ( PTI provides safety videos and information on different power tools, including table saws, angle grinders, circular saws, and general power tool safety.