Posted February 20, 2024

New Superior Aluminum Products Website Simplifies Search for Railing, Column and Fence Products

Detailed Technical Information section includes material on how to measure product, CAD drawings of all components, product specs and literature, and more.

Superior Aluminum Products, a leading manufacturer of aluminum railing, columns, and fence, recently launched a new website with detailed information on the company’s products as well as a technical information section, a project gallery, a blog with current news, and a search function which allows users to quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Users can easily find information on the company’s comprehensive offering of railing, columns, and fence from easy drop-down menus.

A detailed “Technical Information” section includes informative materials such as how to measure for your product, CAD drawings of all components, product specs and literature, and more.

The extensive photo gallery shows the company’s products installed in a wide array of applications, allowing viewers a better understanding of how Superior’s products might look on their project. This intuitive, easy-to-navigate site also makes it easy to find distributors with a map showing the location and contact information for their nationwide sales partner network, as well as a search function.

“We take pride in being easy to work with, and this new site makes it easier than ever to find the Superior products that you are looking for,” said Superior Aluminum Products President Doug Borchers.

“Information on our wide range, maintenance-free aluminum railing products, as well as our new line of mesh and glass railing products is just a few clicks away. The complete project gallery shows Superior products installed in many settings, and the CAD drawings simplify the specification process. From small residential renovations to large multi-family construction, we make it easy to find the railing, columns, and fence products to make your projects look great.”

About Superior Aluminum Products

Headquartered in Russia, Ohio, Superior Aluminum Products is an industry leader in the manufacturing of aluminum railing and fence, and aluminum and fiberglass columns, as well as their new, patented Snap-Tite® PVC column wraps. This third-generation family-owned and operated company has been making aluminum products since 1956. 

Their decorative and functional products are custom built to customer specifications, with CAD drawings created for layout, design, and manufacture. This allows them to identify and prepare for any slight difference or oddity in any area, and greatly simplifies installation. 

All products are designed to meet local, state, and federal building codes, including the American with Disabilities Act. 

Their maintenance-free products are ideal for commercial, municipal, and industrial facilities, as well as single-family and multi-family residential locations. 

Their Russia, Ohio facility includes over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing floorspace, as well as engineering, design, research & development, customer support, and administrative offices.  For additional information visit