Posted April 9, 2024

Bedford Reinforced Plastics Announces OSCO Safety as Exclusive Source for ReadySeries Modular Solutions 

OSCO Safety manufactures utility marking, structural shapes and grating, pre-engineered structural products and ladder systems. 

Bedford Reinforced Plastics, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) products, announces a strategic partnership with OSCO Safety, designating OSCO as the exclusive source for ReadySeries pre-engineered modular products. This marks a significant milestone in advancing safety, access and maintenance solutions for industrial applications and beyond.

Both Bedford and OSCO share a steadfast commitment to excellence in American manufacturing and prioritizing customer-centric service, particularly in industries where safety is paramount. OSCO’s 26 years of proven experience in delivering efficient, made-to-ship safety solutions, makes it the ideal platform to grow and expand ReadySeries products in industries with critical safety needs.

According to alarming statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), millions of dollars are lost annually due to safety incidents. The union of Bedford and OSCO utilizes each company’s core strengths, expanding and accelerating how ReadySeries modular solutions mitigate safety risks in various industrial applications and more.

Customers stand to benefit significantly from the decision to name OSCO as the exclusive source for ReadySeries products. Adding ReadySeries to OSCO’s suite of top-quality, safety solutions provides customers with a one-stop-shop experience to address critical safety needs.  

“At Bedford, we are proud to partner with OSCO, combining our respective strengths to enhance the already incredible ReadySeries products,” said Thomas Wright, Business Development Director at Bedford. “OSCO provides a suite of safety solutions and an unparalleled service experience. Customers can expect even greater value and support characterized by a dedicated project manager guiding them through the process seamlessly.” 

ReadySeries pre-engineered solutions boast nearly limitless configurations, addressing a wide range of safety, access and maintenance requirements. From industrial platforms and mezzanines to catwalks, fixed ladders, handrails, guardrails, stairs, bridges and more, ReadySeries offers versatile solutions tailored to specific needs.

Key advantages of the ReadySeries system include its quick-ship capability and ease of installation. These configurable solutions typically align with maintenance fund thresholds, allowing customers to address safety, maintenance and access concerns promptly. With ReadySeries, there’s no need to wait for annual budget renewals to mitigate safety risks — issues can be resolved immediately, minimizing downtime and enhancing workplace safety.

To learn more about ReadySeries modular products and how they can enhance safety in your workplace, reach out to the OSCO team for more information, request a quote or call 304-949-1381 to discuss the details of your project.

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Bedford Reinforced Plastics is a privately owned American manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) structural elements and supporting services, including ReadySeries pre-engineered modular products, PROSeries structural shapes and grating as well as custom engineered FRP solutions. Bedford empowers buyers to solve building and manufacturing challenges quickly and cost-effectively through an innovative array of design, engineering, fabrication, assembly and logistics services.

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