Posted April 23, 2024

Safety Professionals Are Invited to Share Experiences with Head Protection

Survey is open until May 2, 2024.

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., a leading provider of safety and compliance solutions, and the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) have joined forces to launch a collaborative research study. The study aims to delve into the practices and challenges faced by employers in implementing head protection measures to ensure the safety of their workforce.

Safety professionals can participate in the survey by clicking here.

With the introduction of various newer types of head protection to the market, such as safety helmets, climbing-style helmets and bump caps, safety managers are faced with a wider range of options. However, a lack of standardized nomenclature and usage guidelines could be creating confusion and obstacles in selecting the most appropriate head protection for specific work environments.

The J. J. Keller / ISEA study, launched today, seeks to gather valuable insights and experiences from industry participants. The findings will contribute to sharing safety managers’ challenges and informing best practices for head protection in the workplace.

Cam Mackey, president and CEO of ISEA, expressed the importance of this collaboration, stating, "Innovation in industrial head protection over the last decade has no doubt prevented injuries and potentially saved lives. However, with so many options available today, safety managers and users are understandably overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the appropriate level of protection. This collaborative effort with J. J. Keller will deliver insights to help the industry better understand what’s needed in the market today to save lives tomorrow.”

Rustin Keller, president and CEO of J. J. Keller, emphasized the significance of the study in advancing safety practices.

"The J. J. Keller Center for Market Insights was established to collect and share data with the public to drive safety improvements across industries," Keller said. "By collaborating with a trusted organization like ISEA, we have an even greater opportunity expand the market’s knowledge base and provide valuable guidance to safety professionals."

Safety professionals interested in participating in the study can access the survey at The survey will remain open until end of day May 2, 2024.