Posted May 14, 2024

Castle Supports the Blind Woodcrafters Wood Shop

Washington State School for the Blind resumes student shop program.

After being dormant for several years due to Covid and staff shortages, the Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB) has resumed its Blind Woodcrafters Wood Shop. The program is made possible with the help of volunteers, grants, and donations from companies willing to invest in vocational life skills for blind and low-vision students.

Castle USA has donated a pocket cutting machine, technical consultation, and communications support.

“We are making sawdust again and the students are loving it,” says Alex Zimmerman, program volunteer and part-time staff member. “Castle’s donation allows students to become familiar with production wood joinery equipment that’s used in many manufacturing facilities, which increases their potential future employment opportunities. Just as important, is that students are learning how to safely operate any tool, which enhances their skills while overcoming challenges.” 

Mathias Forsman, Castle CEO says, “We heard about the Blind Woodcrafters Shop and immediately got involved. It’s such a fantastic program and we’re amazed at what the students are accomplishing.” 

The Blind Woodcrafters Shop at WSSB in Vancouver, WA and a student learning how to assemble a frame using pocket joinery. 

About WSSB and The Blind Woodcrafters Shop 

The Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB) is located in Vancouver, WA, and has been in operation for over 125 years. Its core purpose is to empower blind and low vision individuals to reach their full potential. The Blind Woodcrafters Shop has an underlying philosophy that by teaching various aspects of wood working, visually impaired students will experience the joys of working with a renewable product(wood) and making items with their own hands. By learning these skills, they will enhance a “can-do attitude”, build confidence, and help overcome self-doubt.

The student will learn from their own mistakes, but more importantly they will challenge themselves and realize that they can do much more than they thought possible. To volunteer, make a donation, or to inquire about services, please visit 

About Castle USA 

Castle USA is an American machinery manufacturer championing the cause of the entrepreneurial woodworker since the 1980's. Castle products are assembled in the USA, using USA-made and globally sourced components. Their product offering includes a superior line of “Castle low-angle” pocket hole cutters, face frame assembly tables, and a variety of tooling.

Castle users include large scale manufacturers and small, professional, cabinet and woodworking shops as well as hobbyists and DIYers. Each Castle product is designed to increase productivity as well as the quality of the work result. Products are sold directly through as well as through a network of dealers.