Posted May 21, 2024

New FleetWatcher Live Order Tracking Helps Grow Material Sales for Aggregate and Asphalt Plants

New feature allows FleetWatcher customers to track deliveries online in real time.

FleetWatcher introduces Live Order Tracking - a new feature that allows FleetWatcher customers to grow their external material sales business by letting their customers track deliveries online in real time.

Providing total transparency allows the purchaser to monitor delivery status and timing, ensure that someone will be there to accept delivery, order additional materials on the fly if needed, and more. All parties can see exactly where the trucks are, when they are expected, and how much of the order has been delivered versus how much is still to come.

This new tool allows FleetWatcher customers to increase their material sales by providing better service to their contractor, commercial and residential customers, without changing their business model or procedures.

With this new functionality FleetWatcher notifies the recipient via email, text, or both that the first load is in process. This message contains the details of the order along with a link to track the first order and further progress on the job, with no log-in nor FleetWatcher account required.

Recipients can also view a Current Order Status page which displays a map including the source and destination along with the location of each truck delivering material to satisfy the order. All trucks working on the job are displayed on the map with their heading.

Each truck icon provides a pop-up that when clicked shows the location, speed, heading and a scale ticket icon. Clicking the scale ticket icon shows the trucks scale tickets, with the most recent on top.

Truck history may also be viewed to show a list of all trucks working the job along with their load count. The status page will also indicate if the order is subsequently cancelled or rained out. When the target tonnage entered has been delivered, the status on the order will reflect Completed, and the Delivery History button can be clicked to display a list of all loads.

FleetWatcher Live Order Tracking is applicable for both aggregate materials and asphalt deliveries. Asphalt delivery recipients and FletWatcher users may enter additional information including Waste Tons, plant contractor, plant inspector, roadway contractor, roadway inspector, and temperature on the order scale tickets. In addition, the load can be accepted or rejected, and notes may be added to the scale ticket as need.

FleetWatcher Live Order Tracking extends the platform’s order visibility and reporting features to third party customers, thus streamlining projects and providing instant access to all vital project information.

About FleetWatcher:

FleetWatcher is a construction-specific wireless telematics product which provides complete visibility to all components used within the process. Their industry-leading Fleetwatcher Material Management Solution (MMS) is being used by asphalt paving contractors across the US. They also offer modules for e-ticketing, off-road construction, and more. For additional information visit