Posted June 11, 2024

INFORM to Equip Premier Aggregates with AI-Powered Transport Planning & Execution Software

Idaho-based aggregate supplier to use INFORM to optimize the dispatch of Premier Aggregates’s truck fleet.

INFORM, a global pioneer in AI-powered optimization software based in Aachen, Germany, will equip Premier Aggregates, a supplier of quality aggregates in Idaho, USA, with their AI-Powered Transport Planning and Execution software. The software will be used to optimize the dispatch of Premier Aggregates’s truck fleet.

Founded in 2011 as a transportation and logistics company, Premier Aggregates’ focus has evolved to include the production and supply of rock, sand, and gravel. The company operates a diverse fleet of trucks known for moving anything from long-term projects to single load deliveries. INFORM’s AI solution will empower Premier Aggregates with decision intelligence, real-time optimization, and intelligent automation, ultimately elevating operational performance and customer satisfaction.

Jordan Schwers, Vice President of Technology at Premier Aggregates commented, “Optimizing our logistics with INFORM’s AI will not only allow us to provide best-in-class service to our customers, but also eliminate previously unforeseen inefficiencies in our fleet routing. By reducing unnecessary truck miles, we can benefit our communities by minimizing our roadway impact, decreasing noise pollution, and lowering emissions."

“This project underscores our commitment to advancing the North American aggregates and ready-mix industry through the power of AI,” explained Thomas Bergmans, Senior Vice President of INFORM’s Logistics Division. “In addition, I’m very excited to see that this implementation will further speed up the wide-spread use of our AI algorithms for small and medium size producers.”

The AI solution at Premier Aggregates will be fully hosted and operated from INFORM’s cloud platform. HERE maps will be used for routing and geocoding; ERP and telematics functions will be provided by Fast-Weigh from TAC Insight. The project is now under deployment and is slated to go-live in Q4 2024.

Compared to standard transport planning software, INFORM’s solution is powered by AI algorithms that analyze a virtually endless number of scheduling decisions in real-time and identify those that are ideal for minimizing costs and maximizing service level and on-time performance – moving more payloads with fewer trucks each day.

PREMIER AGGREGATES is headquartered in Eagle, Idaho and holds 14 mining resources throughout the state. Premier's primary product segments include bulk construction materials, decorative landscape rock and transportation services. By focusing on material quality, logistical efficiency and embracing technology that streamlines the bulk material purchase process, Premier aims to be the most loved aggregate supply company in the markets that it serves.

INFORM develops software for the optimization of business processes using Digital Decision Making based on Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. The company supplements classic IT systems and increases the profitability and resilience of many companies.

While data management software only provides information, INFORM systems can analyze large amounts of data in a matter of seconds, calculate numerous decision variants and suggest the best possible solution to the user for implementation.

Today, more than 900 software engineers, data analysts and consultants support more than 1,000 customers worldwide in manufacturing, trade, airports, ports, logistics, banks, telecommunication, and insurance companies. Processes including sales planning, production planning, personnel deployment, logistics and transport, inventories, supply chain management as well as fraud prevention in insurance, telecommunication, and payment transactions are optimized.