Posted June 25, 2024

Festool Introduces Sharpening Services

Festool users can get their blades sharpened and returned in a matter of days, anywhere in the country.  

Festool, a leading manufacturer of innovative, precision-engineered and durable power tool solutions, introduced its new sharpening service for those seeking a reliable saw blade sharpening service in their local area. The team at Festool will help make your blade as sharp as new, no matter where you’re located.

“We want every one of our saw blades to perform just like it did when you bought it, so we’re helping provide a more economical approach to buying a replacement,” said Rick Bush, Product Marketing Manager at Festool. “That’s why we introduced our Sharpening Service, in partnership with Quinn Saw, to make sure our customers get the best and easiest service for each and every one of their Festool blades.

Festool’s Sharpening Partner, Quinn Saw, has been in the business for five generations. Its team has the experience and passion to make our blades perform even better and even last longer. Quinn Saw uses the latest technology and equipment to offer fast and precise carbide-tipped blade sharpening services.

When customers order a sharpening, they will receive a prepaid shipping label. Attach the label, bring your blades to the nearest UPS store and Festool will deliver sharpened blades right back to your doorstep.

Not only will all orders ship at no cost, but Festool is including up to 3 tip replacements and an ultrasonic cleaning. Festool’s Sharpening Service offers bulk discounts, so the more blades you send in, the more money you save. Get $10 off with 3 blades, $20 off with 5 and a 10% discount when you send in 8 blades.

Festool U.S.A. is based in Lebanon, IN. For more information, visit