Posted January 12, 2021

ePropertyCare and Wollaston Development partnership to implement smart-building irrigation systems

Technology allows for better lawn care maintenance and prevents costly incidents.

ePropertyCare, a smart-building technology company bringing Internet of Things (IoT) services into the rental and multi-housing property market, today announced its partnership Wollaston Development, a site development and property design company.

The two Greater-Boston based companies will work together to integrate ePropertyCare’s property monitoring technology into new and existing irrigation systems.

“ePropertyCare’s technology is a game changer for lawn care maintenance, ensuring irrigation systems are operating properly and preventing costly issues before they occur,” said Michael Pallone, President of Wollaston Development. “Prior to this technology, the only way to discover a broken irrigation system was to see the grass turn yellow. Conversely, if there is a break in the line, and water begins flowing in the middle of the night, you may wake up to a pond instead of a nicely maintained property. Either way, these incidents can cost property owners thousands of dollars. This technology virtually eliminates these ongoing, inevitable problems.”

The ePropertyCare platform operates over the cellular network and allows landlords and property managers to remotely monitor and control the property through their cell phone, thereby avoiding in-person interactions, which has been extremely useful in the age of COVID-19 and the accompanying social distancing measures. In 2021, Wollaston Development will begin installing ePropertyCare’s water monitoring system into the irrigation lines, alerting property managers and maintenance if the sprinkler system is leaking or not running in real time, offering suggestions of what the issue may be and how urgent it is.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Wollaston Development to offer this technology to both their residential and commercial clients,” said ePropertyCare Co-Founder and CEO, Charles Hadsell. “The savings that result from using our technology can be significant, particularly when potentially catastrophic events are prevented. As a forward-thinking property design and maintenance company, Wollaston Development is truly looking out for their client’s best interests by including our technology in their wide array of services.”

Additional ePropertyCare features include video monitoring, temperature control, electronic access, smart locks and alarm systems. The water protection system also works on all water lines inside the buildings. ePropertyCare also allows property managers to set one-time codes for maintenance workers to use at the set time of arrival to enter the building and make repairs. Residents and landlords do not have to be present and are put at ease knowing this single-use code will only grant the necessary temporary access.

ePropertyCare brings smart home technology into the rental property market with a strong focus on landlords, developers and property managers. ePropertyCare provides remote security, access control, video, water protection and temperature control solutions, which can integrate into PMS systems.

ePropertyCare is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information on ePropertyCare, visit them on Facebook or find them online at