Pentair acquires Bylin Engineered Systems

Deal expands Pentair's ice and snow-melt portfolio.

Pentair today announced the acquisition of ice and snow-melt solutions expert, Bylin Engineered Systems. Combined with Pentair’s Thermal Building Solutions broad range of Raychem heat-tracing solutions, the addition of Bylin’s winter safety expertise and engineered systems processing enables the company to expand its current offering to provide all around protection for buildings and people, even in the most demanding winter conditions.

Established in 1980 in California, Bylin Engineered Systems brings over 30 years of experience in providing customers with reliable and energy-efficient electric heating cable systems solutions for residential and commercial building projects. The company’s flagship Roof Ice Melt (RIM) System provides effective protection from winter’s harm by preventing roof ice dam, icicles and freeze-ups in gutters and downspouts, regardless of the building design and complexities.

“As a global leader in electric heat-tracing systems for commercial, residential and infrastructure markets, we are proud to now offer Bylin RIM Systems in addition to our renowned Raychem portfolio of electric heat-tracing products. With this move, Pentair will provide an expanded product portfolio, increased global presence and greater technical expertise to better serve customers and their ever increasing needs,” said Brad Faulconer, Vice President, Pentair Technical Solutions – Thermal Building Solutions. “Our customers are always looking for improved solutions, and this acquisition reinforces our commitment to delivering high quality products, innovative brands, superior expertise and valuable engineering services.”

Having sold over 1 billion feet of its Raychem self-regulating cables, Pentair’s Thermal Building Solutions is a leader in providing safe and reliable heating cable products for commercial and residential building applications. The acquisition of Bylin Engineered Systems will enable the company to continue serving its customers with the most advanced, reliable and energy-efficient snow and ice-melt systems as well as expand its engineered systems services.

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