Sherwin-Williams Unveils Merchandiser For HYDE Paint and Pressure Washer Products

Will be available in March.


The new Hyde Tools merchandiser measures 23x27 inches and stands 55 inches tall. Hyde Tools and Sherwin-Williams gives retailers their first preview of a merchandiser that will be introduced into 500 Sherwin-William stores in March 2010. The new merchandiser provides space for two patented new technologies developed by Hyde:

• The HYDE Rapid Valve Transfer (RVT) Airless Spray System shortcuts many of the time-consuming aspects of professional spray painting. The name describes one of several key features: a unique valve that allows the painter to alternate quickly and easily between close-up spraying with a handheld gun and remote spraying with an extension. The valve design eliminates the need to power down the system, providing great flexibility and saving substantial time and effort. A rotating spray head on the extension pole also allows painters to complete far more painting from the ground, avoiding the time and difficulties associated with ladders and scaffolding.

• The HYDE Pivot Nozzle Wand, offers a breakthrough in pressure washer comfort and efficiency by incorporating a patented pivoting nozzle. Just twist the grip and the head of the wand pivots 90 degrees, allowing the user to reach up into gutters, around corners, in between deck railings or other awkward areas without stooping, bending, kneeling or using a ladder.

Sherwin-Williams staff worked closely with Hyde Tools to customize the new merchandiser to their specific store needs. The walk-around unit measures 23” x 27” and stands 55” high. It holds12 individual products plus display materials. Unique packaging allows customers to get the feel of the products and pivot the nozzles.