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Albion 504-G15 Follow Plate for Bulk Caulk LoadingAdhesives, Sealants & Coatings

Albion 504-G15 Follow Plate for Bulk Caulk Loading

Albion is proud to introduce new model 504-G15 Follow Plate for bulk caulk loading. With its Quick Push-On, Pull-Off Seal Feature, no barrel threading is Required! This means faster, cleaner loading of caulk into all Albion 2" diameter B-Line (models B12Bxx, B26Bxx, B12Sxx, B18Sxx, etc.) and Professional Line (DL-45, DL-59, etc) Bulk Guns.

The 504-G15 Follow Plate fits 3 or 5 gallon tapered or straight sided, metal or plastic pails with maximum ID of 11-3/8" and minimum ID of 9-7/8".

Albion’s 504-G15 Follow Plate reduces the mess of bulk loading caulk from pails, while keeping the gun barrel clean and prevents air from entering the gun barrel during loading. Includes a pull rod for easy removal of Follow Plate from pail. The 504-G15 Follow Plate is built from a pair of steel plates sandwiching a nitrile rubber gasket that scrapes the inside of the pail clean. It reduces waste and keeps air and job site debris out of bulk caulk. Also fits pails of 3-gallon units of Sikaflex-2c and MasterSeal NP 2TM.

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