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Arrow Fastener RevealCut Ceiling Tile WorkstationBlades

Arrow Fastener RevealCut Ceiling Tile Workstation

Arrow Fastener, a leader in manual, electric and cordless fastening tools, and manufacturer of the world’s best-selling staple gun, the T50®, today unveiled Arrow RevealCut, a new all-in-one precision workstation that allows ceiling installation professionals to cut acoustic ceiling tiles in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost with precise results and minimal waste while also being designed to decrease jobsite accidents.

Arrow’s proprietary design makes RevealCut one of the most significant innovations in ceiling tile cutting history. The product changes how hundreds of thousands of acoustic ceiling tiles are cut every day by eliminating the need to cut ceiling tiles with a straight edge and a utility knife and delivering up to 80 percent in labor savings. A typical 2-foot ceiling tile can be cut to size and finished with a factory-grade profiled edge in less than 30 seconds.

RevealCut is available in two convenient sizes: one for 2-foot tiles and a larger version for up to 4-foot tiles. The workstation cuts 98 percent of all common ceiling tile sizes with ease and efficiency by using an integrated precision-cutting blade system to cut factory-grade profiled edges. Some key features of the workstation include:

  • Ergonomic pivoting handle for precise, straight edge cuts
  • Interchangeable profile cartridges creating four factory-grade edge profiles for a total of 72 cut configurations
  • Factory-grade profile cuts include: Lay-in, square tegular, angled tegular, and bevel square tegular cuts
  • Jig system for repeat cuts of the same size and linear lighting cuts as narrow as 2 inches
  • Built-in measuring eliminates need for scribing and multiple trips up the ladder

“We are thrilled to add the first-of-its-kind ceiling tile cutting workstation that will streamline cut quality while promoting ease of use, time and effort saved and waste mitigation, and will greatly reduce opportunities for accidents to occur for all professional ceiling installers,” said Bill Sokol, vice president of marketing, Arrow Fastener. “We’ve been leaders in innovation and functionality since 1929 and saw an opportunity to fundamentally change the way the ceiling installation industry operates. We are thrilled to make RevealCut a reality and continue Arrow’s commitment to innovation and manufacturing excellence and to its passion for developing high-performing products that make the job easier.”

Arrow RevealCut uses new blade technology designed specifically for cutting tough fibrous ceiling tiles. These proprietary cutting blades are the first blades designed specifically for cutting ceiling tiles and can cut 200 times before needing a replacement blade, leading to faster and more efficient installs, especially when compared to the typical five cuts with standard utility blades. And as an OSHA-inspired workstation, the product is designed to decrease jobsite accidents by eliminating the need for dangerous manual cutting, reducing blade changes, and providing safe disposal of blades.

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