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Bayco SL-868 LED Work LightCords, Cables & Lights

Bayco SL-868 LED Work Light

950-Lumen LED floodlight attached to heavy-duty 40-foot retractable cord reel tilts and swivels on powerful rare-earth magnetic base as secure foundation

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Bayco Products, Inc, a provider of tough, durable and affordable lighting since 1984 announces the Bayco model SL-868, a powerful corded LED work light with portability and functionality benefits.

Automotive professionals and other users will be able extend its 40-foot heavy-duty 18/3 SJT retractable cord and attach the rare-earth magnetic base to most metal surfaces. Once in place, the light can tilt and swivel in limitless directions until a specific work area is perfectly illuminated. A single switch activates the 950-lumen floodlight that emits from a long-life 10W LED. It’s built with a tempered glass lens and features a powder-coated aluminum finish for maximum durability.

“People who work on cars or in their workshops rely on powerful portable lighting to get a job done, and they are going to love this light,” says Russell Hoppe, Marketing Manager for Bayco. “950 lumens gives them the powerful floodlight they need while not overpowering their workspace. However, being able to perfectly adjust it in the right position while not taking up a lot of space is equally important. The 40 feet of retracted cord on the SL-868 floodlight was designed with a very specific need and benefit in mind – and that’s convenience.”

The SL-868 is available now and is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. For more information, visit