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Big Foot Tools 75 Degree Head Cutter

Big Foot Tools Head Cutter is a chainsaw attachment that changes a rough and sometimes sloppy cutting chainsaw into to a precision cutting tool. It allows the users chainsaw to perform beyond the reach of any common portable circular saw or chainsaw alone. It offers users the ability to quickly attach a solid guide plate that can be precision adjusted to allow an exact angle of cut from 0 degrees (vertical) to 75 degrees while still having the capacity and performance of a full-size gas or if desired electric chainsaw.

The unique patented design allows the Big Foot Head Cutter to clamp to any chainsaw bar up to 3 inches wide and length of 14” to 44” in seconds to become a giant precision cutting tool. The Big Foot Head Cutter allows the chainsaw to be used to precision cut, Glue-lams, Micro-lams, TJI’s, landscaping lumber, fence posts, large structural panels and more.

The Big Foot Head Cutter is a dream come true for log home builders and other framers working with larger timbers and manmade beams.

Big Foot Tools is proud to announce our NEW Big Foot Head Cutter XL were the XL stands for Extra Large! Tim Uhler, Professional Framer, Contributing Editor to Tools of the Trade and Contributor to JLC, requested we make him a custom Head Cutter with a larger plate to allow him more stability and increased control and we decided to add it to the lineup. This is for the framer ready to take their production gang cutting to the next level.

The Head Cutter XL has an oversized base plate measuring 14 x 20” in comparison to the standard Head Cutter measuring 10 x 16” and includes a built-in handle for more control and stability. The XL Head Cutter can accommodate larger chainsaw bars is excess of 2” wide going up to a maximum of 6” wide and clamps onto nearly any length bar from 14 to 44 inches.

Features include:

  • Laterally angularly adjustable from vertical through 75 degrees
  • Wide base plate for superior stability and precise freehand cutting
  • Designed for easy guiding—following a snap-line or scribed arc is effortless
  • Easy clean up–chain cutter throws wood chips away from your work area
  • Designed for safety and precision—the Big Foot Head Cutter gives you an unobstructed view of the cutting chain
  • Made in the USA using 6061 aircraft aluminum - makes the Head Cutter light weight and durable

The Big Foot 75° Head Cutter has a MSRP of $259.00. The Head Cutter XL has a MSRP of $349.00 and both can be purchased through local retailers, if available, or online from various distributors shown on