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Big Horn 14 Oz Tiger Titanium HammersHand Tools

Big Horn 14 Oz Tiger Titanium Hammers

Earlier this year, Big Horn launched its 14 Oz Tiger Titanium Hammers from the Big Horn brand. The company have seen tremendous success with these hammers in both retail and e-commerce markets. Many distributors and their customers have found these hammers to be of great quality and competitively priced, offering a 25% discount compared to other similar titanium hammers.

15150: 14 Oz Tiger Titanium Hammer with Straight Hickory Handle

The Big Horn 15150 14 Oz Tiger Titanium Hammer with Straight Hickory Handle is the ideal solution for framing, remodeling, and other construction applications. Crafted from forged titanium, this powerhouse delivers the impact of a 24oz steel hammer with 45% less weight and 10x less recoil shock.

Designed with smooth – straight claws, a large-milled striking surface, and a magnetic nail starter. The forged titanium hammer head has been double wedge onto a classic 100% Canadian Hickory wood-straight handle for a strong and comfortable grip that delivers a powerful and efficient blow.

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15151 : 14 Oz Tiger Titanium Hammer with Curved Hickory Handle

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