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Mecalac 12MTX Wheeled Excavator LoaderLifting, Moving & Material Handling

Mecalac 12MTX Wheeled Excavator Loader

Mecalac, a leading global designer, manufacturer and distributor of compact construction equipment, introduces the 12MTX wheeled excavator loader to the North American market.

The 12MTX combines the capabilities of a compact excavator, loader and telehandler into a single machine that excels at digging, loading and material handling. It is also a powerful tool carrier that can handle attachments, such as asphalt planers and flail mowers, that require high-flow hydraulics.

With its exceptional functionality, the 12MTX eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment on the jobsite in industries such as construction, roadbuilding, landscaping, utility, tunneling, mining and forestry/tree care.

The multipurpose machine ultimately maximizes profitability by reducing maintenance, labor and equipment transportation costs.

“Anyone who subscribes to the philosophy of ‘do more with less’ or is simply forced to do more with less will appreciate the 12MTX,” said Peter Bigwood, general manager for Mecalac North America. “It’s a compact machine that can work in a tight envelope and do virtually anything you’d expect from the typical jobsite mainstays — and do it all well. At a time when costs are high and labor is hard to come by, the 12MTX eliminates the need for a big crew, and the need to buy, maintain and haul numerous pieces of equipment.”

A three-piece, variable angle, side-mounted boom provides the 12MTX with great compactness and range of motion, allowing it to work in areas mono-boom excavators can’t. It can extend nearly straight in almost any direction or fold back on itself for maximum compactness and higher lifting capability.

This compactness shines when working near an existing structure or roadway where a mono-boom excavator’s required footprint is too large, such as when laying pipe, putting in sidewalks, mowing along the road or other utility maintenance applications.

Operators can enjoy an increased working envelope while limiting the need to reposition the machine. When digging a trench, for example, the 12MTX doesn’t need to move and can continue digging — even until the bucket is under the machine if necessary. When it’s time to switch to a different application, a simple selector switch allows users to easily change operating modes between park, excavator, loader and travel.

The 12MTX’s 20-mph top speed allows the machine to quickly navigate jobsites and gives operators the option to drive to a site or gas station without loading it onto a trailer. The top speed paired with the machine’s low center of gravity makes for powerful, stable and precise handling.

The 12MTX can work side by side with trucks or carrying a pallet loaded with material and lay it to rest on the other side of a wall or even next to the machine itself. Operators can take advantage of using the 12MTX for static loading thanks to the low position of the dipper stick cylinder, which provides superior lifting and thrust strength.

The machine can lift up to four tons and the engine is positioned in the rear, offering a removed counterweight for greater freedom of handling and movement with larger roads. The 12MTX is a capable handler in all types of terrain. An articulated undercarriage, four-wheel drive and five different tire options keep the machine sufficiently grounded to ensure precision and control.

The machine features high-flow hydraulics with a 37-gpm maximum flow rate — higher than a standard excavator and similar to high-flow skid steers and compact track loaders. Operators can go far beyond what a mini excavator typically offers by easily equipping it with a range of attachments, such as a loader bucket, snow removal equipment, mowers, compactors and planers utilizing Mecalac’s award-winning patented CONNECT quick coupler system.

The 12MTX uses a flow rate memory function that allows users to save up to six different profiles/tools for quick, intuitive switching without the need to input manual settings when going from one attachment to the next.

Mecalac designed the 12MTX with user experience in mind, ensuring a safe and comfortable operation. An automatically unfolding step allows the operator to safely enter and exit the cab — eliminating the risk of slipping on a tire while getting in and out of the machine.

Once inside, users will enjoy a spacious, ergonomic layout with great visibility and minimal blind spots. The 12MTX provides superior visibility due to the boom’s position to the left of the cab so that even when dumping from its maximum height of 16 feet, 5 inches (5 meters), the operator maintains superior visibility without the boom obstructing their view. An optional heated pneumatic seat, heat and air conditioning offers improved comfort in cold climates.

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