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Bon Tool Jag Clamps

Bon Tool Co. has completed a partnership agreement to manufacture and market Jag Clamp from Bon. The agreement identifies Bon as the exclusive distributor of this revolutionary line holding clamp that is quick to use for vertical and horizontal line holding applications.

Two clamp sizes are available. The standard clamps have a 2” jaw and are suitable for use on cored brick or block, fencing and masonry guides. Jag Clamp XL features a jaw opening that adjusts from 5/8” to 5-1/2” which permits clamping on larger items like concrete block, steel posts and more.

The clamps are sold in pairs to and can be used in any function that requires a measuring line; working both for vertical applications such as creating a jack line in masonry work, and horizontal applications such as laying masonry courses.

Jag Clamp from Bon can be used in the same manner as line blocks, but there is no risk of the tool disengaging from the masonry unit. It is safe and easy to use and make quick course changes. The clamps are equipped with a string notch that securely holds the line in place when maneuvering and adjusting the clamp location.

Bon brings nearly 60 years of experience in tool design, manufacturing and marketing to the promotion of this new product. From the invention of the Masonry Guide over 60 years ago to the introduction of Bon’s Keystone Forged Masonry Trowel, Bon remains committed to the development and improvement of tools for professional masons.

Bon Tool Co., a leading manufacturer of construction tools and equipment in the United States, has been manufacturing construction tools for professionals since 1958. More than 6,000 contractor-quality hand tools are currently available. For more information contact our sales department at 800-444-7060 or visit the website at