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CRAFTSMAN V20 Portable Power Tools for HobbyistsPortable Electric Tools

CRAFTSMAN V20 Portable Power Tools for Hobbyists

CRAFTSMAN® announces the addition of five new products to its growing V20* platform designed for makers and hobbyists who take pride in a variety of woodworking, electrical and on-the-go projects.

Designed to go wherever the work is, these new tools include a V20* Rotary Tool (CMCE030B), Soldering Iron (CMCE040B), Compact Personal Fan (CMCE010B), 150W Power Inverter (CMCB1150B) and an LED Light with Magnifying Lens (CMCE020B).

“The CRAFTSMAN V20* line is breaking into a new market with specialized tools that serve hobbyists and makers,” said Sara Godding, Vice President Product Management, Stanley Black & Decker. “With this category introduction, we are offering cordless freedom and versatility for doers to get the job done, no matter the task.”

New CRAFTSMAN V20* maker tools include:

V20* Rotary Tool (CMCE030B) – The rotary tool features a variable speed dial to easily adjust to the desired speed for various projects, as well as a built-in tip holder on the base. Ideal for cutting, grinding, sanding, carving and polishing a variety of materials, the tool comes with 33 tips and accessory box included.

V20* Soldering Iron (CMCE040B) – The soldering iron is designed with an adjustable temperature dial to easily select between 400-degrees to 900-degrees. Ideal for woodburning, intricate electrical projects, jewelry and stain glass crafting and more, the tool includes a 4-Ft. cord for mobility and a sponge holder on the base (sponge included).

V20* Compact Personal Fan (CMCE010B) – The lightweight and compact personal fan delivers up to 46 hours of runtime per charge** and features a variable speed setting, collapsible design and 180-degree pivoting head.

V20* 150W Power Inverter (CMCB1150B) – The 150W power inverter charges a wide variety of devices and features three unique charging ports to work with Type-C, Type-A and AC connections. The inverter is compatible with the VERSATRACK™ trackwall system (system sold separately) and features an LED flashlight.

V20* LED Light with Magnifying Lens (CMCE020B) – The LED light with magnifying lens offers up to 2x total magnification power with 200 lumens to illuminate your workspace and features a collapsible design.

All products are now available in stores and online where CRAFTSMAN products are sold, with the exception of the V20* Led Light with Magnifying Lens, launching later this year. More information on SKUs and MSRPs follows below.

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