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Campbell 3914705PL 3-Ton Carbon Steel Eye Hoist HookLifting, Moving & Material Handling

Campbell 3914705PL 3-Ton Carbon Steel Eye Hoist Hook

Campbell, a premier brand of chain and fittings from Apex Tool Group, today announced its new Eye Hoist Hooks. The hooks feature a heavy-duty latch and spring assembly and other improvements.

The new latch and spring assembly is designed for durability. The heavy-gauge, high-strength steel latch with reinforcing rib provides rigidity and bending resistance and has a yellow chromate finish for corrosion resistance. A double-strength spring ensures the latch is held against the hook to securely retain slings and other components. For added durability, the hooks are designed with dual forged support bosses, providing lateral support for precise latch/hook engagement.

“These U.S.-made hooks have been completely redesigned, but the new latch and spring assembly is what users will appreciate the most,” said Lyn Bethea, Campbell product manager. “Extra-thick steel latch, double-strength spring, stainless steel latch bolt, two support bosses … and if a latch gets damaged, a forged-in code, so knowing the correct part is easy. Also, the new replacement procedure is much simpler.”

The new hooks have a 5:1 design factor and the various sizes offered have a working load limit range of 3/4 ton to 15 tons. They are available in carbon steel (blue or galvanized) or alloy steel (orange).

Along with Rated Capacity and Made in USA markings, two new hallmarks are forged into each hook: the Latch Code and, on both sides of the hook, 45-degree Guide Markings. For more information about Campbell Eye Hoist Hooks, visit