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ClarkDietrich 360TRAK Curve and Elliptical System

Adding to its vast catalog of cold-formed steel framing solutions, ClarkDietrich is giving contractors greater freedom to construct intricately curved ceilings, walls and bulkheads with its new 360TRAK™. In addition to opening up the design playbook, ClarkDietrich 360TRAK creates labor efficiencies by making it easier than ever to achieve master-level results in curved wall applications.

“Today’s customers want elaborate and complex architecture including sweeping bulkheads, curved walls and elliptical curves. The new 360TRAK simplifies and streamlines these types of projects for contractors at any skill level, saving time and resources and keeping the project on schedule,” said Terry Westerman, vice president, marketing, ClarkDietrich.

ClarkDietrich 360TRAK features adjustable leg straps that slide through pivoting brackets, allowing the track to contour to the desired curve. The adjustable leg straps create curvable flexibility, while maintaining their shape during installation. Metal studs are installed into the 360TRAK brackets and secured with self-tabbing screws inserted through pre-drilled holes and into the leg strap.

360TRAK is available in 2-1/2”, 3-5/8”, 4" and 6” widths. It is manufactured in 10-foot lengths and can be cut to length in the field or spliced together by attaching fasteners at overlapping plates or flange intervals. The track can bend in either direction and therefore does not require a left- or right-handed part.

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