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ClarkDietrich MEP Gusset Plate

ClarkDietrich MEP Gusset Plate 

ClarkDietrich, the largest manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing products in North America, is giving framing contractors a tested and proven solution for quickly repairing steel framing members with oversized mechanical, electrical and plumbing cutouts.

The MEP Gusset Plate is designed to restore strength and stiffness to 3-5/8” and 6” framing members with field-modified openings. Its two-piece overlapping design allows the plate to be easily attached after MEP components have been installed, ensuring projects remain on-schedule.

“Feedback from our framing contractor customers has been that a faster, more efficient solution was needed for adding strength and stiffness back to steel studs after MEP components have been installed,” said Janine Dallies, category manager, connections, ClarkDietrich. “Previously, they would have to cut and notch U-channel to create a patchwork repair in these situations. Not only does that add unnecessary time to the project schedule, but there’s no testing to support the effectiveness of that makeshift approach.”

ClarkDietrich MEP Gusset Plate has been thoroughly tested to ensure the product provides structural integrity to compromised non-structural and structural framing members when installed correctly. Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

Additionally, project teams can get MEP Gusset Plate delivered to the job site overnight through ClarkDietrich Clip Express™. Clip Express is a single source for the industry’s widest and most cost-effective array of rigid, deflection, bridging and general-purpose clips, connectors, supports and framing hardware for commercial and residential cold-formed steel framing. Visit to learn more.

For more information on MEP Gusset Plate or to order a product sample, go to


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