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DEWALT XR POWERPACK Tabless Cell BatteryPortable Electric Tools

DEWALT XR POWERPACK Tabless Cell Battery 

DEWALT, a Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK) brand and leader in total jobsite solutions, today announced the launch of its first 20V MAX* tabless cell battery, the XR POWERPACK™ 8 Ah battery (DCB2108), further bolstering the cordless jobsite of the future.

Utilizing tabless battery cell technology, the XR POWERPACK™ 8 Ah battery delivers 50% more power and a longer lifespan. The battery joins the reinvigorated XR® portfolio comprising the best performing line of 20V MAX* batteries and power tools from DEWALT.

“For a century, DEWALT has been a leader in driving the industry forward and bringing the jobsite of the future to life with products that push the boundaries of innovation," said Frank Mannarino, General Manager of DEWALT, Stanley Black & Decker. “With the introduction of a tabless battery within the XR® line, we are building upon DEWALT’s legacy of relentless advancement in tools and technology solutions driving superior power and productivity for our professional end users.”

The updated DEWALT XR® line provides clear distinction among DEWALT battery and tool platforms based on user needs. Within the complete DEWALT ecosystem, the XR® portfolio houses the best performing 20V MAX* batteries and power tools that are built for professional end users’ most demanding applications.

XR® Battery Line Now Includes XR POWERPACK™ and XR POWERSTACK™

With the addition of XR POWERPACK™ and XR POWERSTACK™ batteries, the XR® battery line now contains two of the most innovative batteries from DEWALT providing users some of the best available technology under one battery platform. While the XR POWERPACK™ battery is ideal for applications demanding power and runtime, XR POWERSTACK™ batteries benefit users by delivering power in a compact size for optimal ergonomics.

The introduction of tabless battery technology brings the latest cutting-edge innovation to DEWALT XR® battery offerings. The tabless XR POWERPACK™ battery revolutionizes energy flow by forcing energy through multiple tabs to distribute power, rather than passing through a single tab used in traditional cells. With a greater surface area, the battery can conduct more energy, therefore providing users with increased power outputs.

The XR POWERPACK™ 8 Ah battery is now DEWALT’s best performing 20V MAX* 8 Ah batteryÇ‚ delivering 50% more power as well as longer lifespan** for continuous productivity.

Designed with a durable, overmolded base, the battery possesses a high level of impact and weather resistance. To avoid workflow interruptions, the LED indicator gives visibility to the battery's state-of-charge.

The XR POWERPACK™ 8 Ah battery is coming soon.

DEWALT Expands XR® Tool Line

DEWALT has redefined ‘best performing’ with new and improved tools within the XR® line. Joining new XR® batteries are the following XR® power tools, all coming soon:

  • Our most powerful 20V MAX* hammer drill: 20V MAX* XR® 1/2 in. Hammer Drill (DCD1007)**
  • Our highest max torque 20V MAX* impact driver: 20V MAX* XR® 3 Speed High Torque ¼ in. Impact Driver (DCF860)**
  • World’s first 20V MAX* 2-1/4 Peak HP Dedicated Plunge Router (DCW620)

In addition, DEWALT FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ and XR® POWER DETECT™ tools will be rebranded as XR®, including the following that are available now:

  • Our most powerful 20V MAX* circular saw: 20V MAX* XR® 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw (DCS590)**
  • Our fastest cutting 20V MAX* reciprocating saw: 20V MAX* XR® Reciprocating Saw (DCS384)**
  • Part of the best performing line of 20V MAX* angle grinders from DEWALT: 20V MAX* XR® 4 ½”- 5”Angle Grinder (DCG410)

To learn more about the new DEWALT XR® portfolio, please visit: