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Columbus McKinnon Magnetek LaserGuard Mini Collision Avoidance SystemLifting, Moving & Material Handling

Columbus McKinnon Magnetek LaserGuard Mini Collision Avoidance System

Columbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCO), a leading designer and manufacturer of motion control products and technologies for material handling, introduces the Magnetek® brand LaserGuardTM Mini, the newest system in the Company’s collision avoidance product portfolio. LaserGuard Mini offers simplified installation, increased distance detection, and competitive pricing.

“Ensuring overhead material handling systems operate smoothly is critical for the safety of both workers and facility equipment,” said Casey Cummins, product manager for Magnetek-brand controls. “Utilizing our systems to avoid collisions can help increase facility safety, reduce maintenance costs, and improve productivity and uptime.”

LaserGuard Mini helps enhance the performance of overhead material handling systems by preventing crane-to-crane and crane-to-wall collisions. With two configurable distance points — slowdown and stop — LaserGuard Mini limits the risk of cranes impacting operators, equipment and workspaces. Using this system, crane speed is limited when it reaches the initial slow-down point and motion halts completely when the crane reaches the stop point.

The easy-to-install LaserGuard Mini system allows you to program distances directly on the laser or from a PC, with the addition of an optional accessory. LaserGuard Mini also offers easy serviceability, featuring a compact design with components installed on a DIN rail in an open panel, so you can get back up and running quickly.

LaserGuard Mini is ideal for all types of cranes equipped with variable frequency drives, soft starters, or contactor controls. To learn more about the LaserGuard Mini, or any of Columbus McKinnon’s collision avoidance products, call 800-288-8178 or visit