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Crescent Lufkin Chrome Power Tapes Get ImprovedLevels & Measurement

Crescent Lufkin Chrome Power Tapes Get Improved

In the ongoing effort to always be improving, Crescent Tools is launching a new collection of Crescent Lufkin Chrome Power Tape Measures. The newly upgraded tape measures feature improved designs that make them easier to carry, easier to read, and easier to use.

The first thing users will notice is the compact design of the chrome-plated case. These cases have been optimized for comfort and utility and are up to 20% smaller than the competition. The wider blade provides up to 10 feet of reach, while the nylon coating provides abrasive protection. A matte finish on the blade coupled with enlarged print make for vastly improved visibility, while the flatter blade design makes marking measurements easier.

Also, the Crescent Lufkin Chrome Power Tapes have an upgraded lock button design with a reduced path to lock and unlock. This means that the user can more easily go from locked to unlocked, no matter what size hands they have.

The full line of Crescent Lufkin Chrome Power Tapes includes six different products:

  • 12-foot SAE,
  • 16-foot SAE,
  • 25-foot SAE,
  • 35-foot SAE,
  • 5-meter/16-foot Metric/SAE and
  • 8-meter/26-foot Metric/SAE.

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