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Measuring: DEWALT Premium Tape Measures

DEWALT introduces a new family of Premium Tapes, Guaranteed Tough and built to take a beating on harsh jobsite conditions.

The new 16’, 25’, and 35’ Premium Tapes are ideal for heavy-duty framing and other construction measuring tasks.

The Tapes have been put to the test and feature a reinforced housing and cast metal impact plate to absorb shocks when dropped to protect internal components and the end hook. Extensive rubber over-molding covers all contact points of the Tapes for improved grip.

These Tapes also feature a five screw design for improved drop resistance. Holding the body together are four reinforced screws on the corners and one in the center for added support.

The Tape blades are made from durable steel coated in Mylar polyester protecting the blade from the elements and providing a long blade life. A 13’ blade standout allows unaided measuring from a distance or overhead without the tapes bending or collapsing while extending.

The blade also features an oversized end hook ideal for grabbing on to lumber, steel, concrete, and other materials. The Premium Tapes are designed in a manner that protects the end hook when dropped, reducing the risk of bending – which causes inaccurate measurements.

For added durability, the Premium Tapes are constructed of high-impact ABS polymer and covered in durable rubber over-mold. The Tapes also feature a lock switch which is covered in rubber over-molds capable of absorbing impact. Lock switches on competitor tapes are plastic and easily crack and break.

The Premium Tapes are made in the USA with global materials. The 16’ tape retails for $19.99 – model DWHT33924, the 25’ tape retails for $24.99 – model DWHT33975, and a 35’ tape retails for $34.99 – model DWHT33976.