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Diablo SPEEDemon Self Feed Bits

Diablo, a solution-oriented range of best-in-the-world and best-for-our-world products, introduces their new SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bits. These bits are specifically designed to address a number of problems professional users have with traditional self feed bits and hole saws: inefficient, slow, short life span and battery charge longevity.

Through extensive research and end-user feedback, Diablo realized the need for faster, more efficient drilling in cordless drills. Traditional self feed bits are very slow, putting great pressure on the end user who must drill dozens of holes before the next person comes in and installs the supply and drain pipes. Also, these bits are not an optimal design for cordless drills; they pull too much power and quickly drain the drill’s battery.

In addition, the feed screw design on traditional self feed bits makes them easy to lose or get stuck when pulling out the bit; plus the threaded center point does not work well in soft wood which is prevalent in the US market. It all adds up to one big job site productivity problem in need of a solution.

Diablo’s SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bits are the solution to all these problems. They have been designed for speed and use in a cordless drill. They eliminate the feed screw issues and are created by a far superior manufacturing process that enhances their performance, quality and longevity.

“Traditional self feed bits are slow and don’t work well in cordless drills. Our new self feed bits increase user productivity, especially when using a cordless drill, providing for increased savings in labor hours and dollars,” said Russell Kohl, President and CEO of Freud America. “With the introduction of the SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bits, we continue to provide best in the industry solutions that address current issues and stay at the forefront of industry trends.”

SPEEDemon™ Two-Cutter Head
Unlike the competition, every Diablo SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bit has a precision heat forged two-cutter head made from premium steel on fully automated equipment. This process delivers quality and consistency for smooth drilling and up to two times longer life and two times more holes per battery charge than the competition. (Note: competitive self feed bits only have two cutting edges on bits 3-inches and above.)

SPEEDemon™ Tooth Geometry
SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bits have a unique positive hook angle tooth geometry, which means these forward leaning teeth rip through soft wood up to two times faster than standard bits.

SPEEDemon™ Feed Screw
SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bits feature a replaceable feed screw with a pull-out stop design that prevents it from slipping out when the bit is removed from the material. They also have an aggressive low thread count for fast drilling and no pitch build up in soft woods. Traditional feed screws are not replaceable, and have a high thread count that results in slower speeds and pitch build up in soft woods.

SPEEDemon™ Manufacturing Process
Diablo SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bits are heat forged by automated equipment for consistent performance and quality. Current bits on the market today are cast into dies, resulting in inconsistent performance and quality.

There are nine Diablo SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bits ranging from 1-1/8-inch to 3-5/8-inch. Each includes a replacement feed screw and Allen key. They are available now wherever Diablo products are sold. For more information, visit: