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Digitool Solutions DW Series Electronic Torque WrenchesHand Tools

Digitool Solutions DW Series Electronic Torque Wrenches

Digitool Solutions is proud to announce the release of our new Electronic Torque Wrench technology. The DW Series features the latest patented sensing and micro controller technology on this Industrial grade tool.

DTS Digital technology has an accuracy level of ±1% in both CW and CCW directions with a readable scale between 10 to 100% of full scale.

Drive sizes from 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 inch will cover virtually all industrial applications with torque ranges from 12.5 in-lb to 600 ft-lbs and 1.3 to 813 Nm.

Powered by only 2 AA batteries will provide up to 500 hours of continuous use. The tool also features a high contrast LCD display and a 3 way alert system with a tri colored warning LED, an audible beep and a handle vibration to alert the user when approaching and reaching the torque setting.

Each tool comes certified and exceeds industry standard, (ASME B107.29-2005) and specifications including individual serial numbers for 100% traceability.

A four button operating pad makes the tool easy to navigate and set up the program functions.

A heavy duty ratchet head, high polished steel tubing, and our ergonomic handle provide added value and comfort to these tools features.

Digitool Solutions is committed to being the best, and we know our technology, quality and customer support will give you the best in accuracy and repeatability for all your torque applications. For more information visit our website at or give us a call at 909.591.9581 and learn how we can help you torque.