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EarthSafe Sustainable Industrial Cleaning Solutions

EarthSafe® is known for providing safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals that are as eco-friendly as they are powerful. EarthSafe originated in the marine sector, working with the United States Navy to neutralize norovirus on ships and submarines without harsh disinfectants. The company then devoted its attention to increasing levels of safety and sustainability in the infection prevention space.

Today, EarthSafe introduced a new generation of cleaning solutions designed to provide industrial and commercial facilities with equally high levels of safety and sustainability.

Steve Wilson, EarthSafe CEO said, “EarthSafe's mission is to make the world a safer place through innovative technologies and healthier chemical alternatives. With the launch of a new line of safer industrial cleaning solutions, we’re one step closer to fully achieving our vision."

EarthSafe offers an array of products to address many cleaning challenges within commercial verticals, manufacturing, construction, military, government, healthcare and disaster response. FlashDry is EarthSafe’s flagship solution for safer spill cleanups. It is an all-natural industrial absorbent made from coir, an organic coconut fiber with six times the absorbing power of clay-based products but, at half the cost. FlashDry is a more sustainable way to clean up oil and chemical spills without the health risks common among other types of absorbents.

EarthSafe’s industrial cleaning collection also includes XMold Pro for water damage and sick building syndrome. It inhibits the growth of harmful molds and protects surfaces yet, is harmless to people and the environment. Moreover, XMold Pro is the only protectant with Superstratum Smart Polymers. XMold’s partnership with Superstratum provides a unique smart polymer technology coupled with EPA-registered antimicrobials to create a long-lasting stimuli responsive barrier against microbes and bacteria. XMold Pro can be applied with any traditional method or with the famed Protexus® electrostatic sprayers from the EvaClean® disinfection system, which raises efficiency 10-fold while using less product to coat triple the area.

EvaClean’s PurTabs® Sanitizer and Disinfectant is another example of sister company synergy. It is a safer chemistry with an EPA registered mold kill claim and, when followed by EarthSafe’s XMold Pro Inhibitor and Protectant, provides a total solution.

“Health and safety are the foundation for everything EarthSafe does,” Wilson said. “We were one of the first companies to advocate for the use of safer chemicals in environmental hygiene. Now we are doing the same in industrial hygiene.”

The EarthSafe team is already planning to expand its line with additional industrial-strength products that solve real-world issues in a healthier, more sustainable way.

About EarthSafe

EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives® was founded in 2014 by pioneering serial entrepreneur RJ Valentine and are known as a foremost provider of safer, more sustainable cleaning solutions. In 2016, EarthSafe introduced the EvaClean® Infection Prevention System, which leverages advanced electrostatic sprayer technologies and safer chemistries. In 2022, they launched a complementary line of industrial-strength cleaning solutions that also incorporate safer chemistries and smarter technologies. EarthSafe’s team is considered a leading authority on healthier approaches to cleaning and disinfection in environmental hygiene and industrial hygiene across all market sectors.

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