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Cables & Lights: Ericson Linear LED Tube Stringlight

Ericson Manufacturing is pleased to introduce the industry’s first Linear LED Tube Stringlight Solutions. The new Linear LED Tube Stringlights offer a unique low-profile design that delivers unmatched functionality and performance, ideal for a broad range of portable industrial lighting applications.

Innovative, multi-application based packaging delivers a highly functional stringlight alternative with exceptional operational life, inherent tamper-resistant theft deterrence, and uncompromised positioning flexibility ideal for confined space use. Designed for years of trouble free operation, these long-life LED tube lights are enclosed within a shatter resistant barrier supported by rugged, heavy-duty rubberized non- conductive, corrosion resistant molded end-caps.

“Ericson’s commitment to listening and solving our customer’s application challenges continues to drive all product development activities,” said Jon Semancik, Ericson’s Director of Sales and Product Development. “The innovative Linear LED Tube Stringlight exemplifies this by delivering unique functionality and performance advantages unavailable elsewhere in the industry.”

The low-profile design provides outstanding vertical clearance without sacrificing light output or functionality, while the angled end-caps eliminate troublesome pinch-points when installing the light in tight spaces. Ideal for indoor and outdoor wet location use, these revolutionary work lights are configured for stand-alone or daisy-chain operation, providing the ability to illuminate large areas with a single power drop freeing vital circuits for other essential activities.

Multiple configuration alternatives result in a single lighting platform that can be customized for a wide range of applications. Applications ideally suited for the Linear LED Tube Stringlight include ship construction and maintenance, mining, chemical processing, aircraft maintenance and construction, petroleum processing, food processing, utility maintenance and defense.