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Festool GRANAT NET Abrasives

Festool has just introduced GRANAT Net Abrasives that feature a durable, open net structure for dust extraction across the entire surface. With a high material removal capacity and a long service life, GRANAT NET is available now in five different formats and a wide variety of grits, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

“Our new GRANA NET abrasive is the perfect solution for surface sanding operations that produce high volumes of dust,” says Leo Zirkler, Vice President of Marketing at Festool. “Its resistant mesh structure with high-tear resistance and edge stability, gives professionals perfect results, right down to the smallest detail — without scratches and without rework.”

Feature/benefit highlights of GRANAT NET abrasives include:

  • All-over dust extraction - The open net structure enables dust extraction across the entire surface of the material – a major advantage with soft sub-surfaces and those which produce a large quantity of dust.
  • Economic efficiency – All-over dust extraction keeps abrasives and surfaces permanently dust-free. The sanding performance remains constant, leading to less clogging of the abrasive and a long service life.
  • High tear resistance and edge stability - The resistant net structure has high tear resistance and excellent edge stability. For perfect results down to the very last detail, without scratches and without the need for reworking.

For more information, please go to Festool USA or Festool Canada