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Metabo Flap Discs

Metabo Corporation introduces their new line of flap discs.

We are excited to introduce our new expanded line of Flap Discs. Flap discs are the perfect mixture of grinding and sanding discs. A grinding wheel can be too aggressive, and a fiber disc might not be aggressive enough on the material being worked or may not offer the longevity to get the job done. For example, if you want to grind down a weld seam flush but don’t want to gouge into the base material, flap discs are the perfect solutionsaid Hal Martin, Metabo’s Accessory Product Manager.

Metabo’s flap disc offering includes over 100 skus with various sizes: (4-1/2”, 5”, 6” and 7”, in both hubbed and non-hubbed), type 27 and type 29 as well as multiple grits for all sizes (40, 60, 80 and 120). Metabo now offers 3 levels of performance: the heavy duty “Original Flapper”, the super duty “Flapper Plus” and the extreme duty “Ceramic Flapper”. These performance levels mirror the ones of Metabo’s famous Slicer family, known to offer the highest performance in cutting discs.

With additional options, such as the Flapper Plus Jumbo for additional life, the plastic-backed Flapper Plus Trimmable and Ceramic Flapper Trimmable, Metabo offers one of the most comprehensive lines of flap discs on the market. Metabo also offers specialty convex flap discs for shaping fillet welds and grinding on edge in confined areas.

The Flapper Plus Jumbo Disc has 62% more flaps then the standard Flapper Plus and is optimal for extended grinding time without having to make a disc change. Trimmable flapper discs prolong the discslife, increase the flexibly of the flap disc and include 5/8”-11 threading for convenience of spinning the disc on and off.

Original Flapper Discs are for heavy-duty use: fast stock removal, one step blending and finishing. Flapper Plus Discs are super duty: perfect for one step blending and finishing, aggressive stock removal and offer a cooler grind when working with heat sensitive materials. Ceramic Flappers fall under extreme duty: extreme removal rate, the longest life of the three categories and lowest total operating cost.

The Metabo Flapper line is designed to complement the performance of Metabo angle grinders. For highest performance, productivity and safety, use the “Metabo System” by pairing Metabo abrasives with Metabo grinders.

For more information on Metabo Flap Discs, visit the Flap Disc Brochure.

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