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FlexiSnap Magnetic Access Door Panels 

FlexiSnap is a magnetic access door for drywall that allows you to quickly access the items you want hidden, such as plumbing or electrical wires. It only takes two minutes to install on walls or ceilings with a minimal amount of tools.

Powerful magnets hold the sturdy metal panel in place and the adjustable frame adapts to different size openings in a jiffy. Highly aesthetic and durable, the FlexiSnap magnetic access panel is the ideal solution for saving time and money while renovating.

Did you know that the time required to install the FlexiSnap can help you reduce costs by at least 35%? For example, on a total of 50 installed doors, the work time that is saved represents $900. Installation is easy and few tools are required.

The FlexiSnap magnetic access door and panel can perfectly adjust to the dimensions of square or rectangular shaped openings. It allows easy access to concealed items and its quality finish provides a superior aesthetic look.

The panel can be painted the same color as the wall or covered with wallpaper, and the quality materials used in its design give it great durability. FlexiSnap is available in three sizes and the dimensions of each size can be adjusted by 1.5 inches in width and height in order to adapt to square or rectangular openings. They also fit standard openings of 8 by 8 inches, 12 by 12 inches and 14 by 14 inches.