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GPI G20 Fuel Transfer Pump and M30 Fuel MeterGas Engine Equipment

GPI G20 Fuel Transfer Pump and M30 Fuel Meter

Great Plains Industries, Inc. is pleased to introduce our new line of Quick-Fit Modular G20 Fuel Transfer Pumps, M30 Fuel Meters, and Filter Adapter Kit. Our motto is "Better Performance, Higher Quality, Lower Cost," and these new products are a shining example of that standard.

"We have designed the G20 and M30 with this simple idea in mind: It has to be easy, and it needs to be modular," says Vic Lukic, President/CEO at GPI.

Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain. The modularity makes it easy to scale up, too. You can start with a pump and add Quick-Fit Accessories, building a complete personal fueling station.

The G20 has all the useful features you've come to expect from GPI brand products, such as a factory-installed power cord, spin collar mount, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing, and circuit breaker protection.

It also boasts "a true 20GPM" at the nozzle and engineering-grade composite polymer rotary gears for long life and less maintenance.

The model G20-012AD (shown) includes:

  • 12V (dc) fuel transfer pump with spin collar
  • Attached power cord, 18ft. (5.5m)
  • 40A fuse assembly, ring terminals, wire connector
  • 90 degree modular fitting

"There are a lot cheaper ways we could do it, but we choose to make it last," says Matt Neibling, Pump Engineering Manager at GPI.

The M30 Fuel Meter is avalilable in U.S. gallon (M30-G8N) and liter (M30-L8N) versions. Each features:

  • Nutating Disc Fuel Meter
  • Register Knob
  • 1-inch NPT Inlet Fitting with O-ring and mounting screws
  • 1-inch NPT Outlet Fitting with O-ring and mounting screws

To learn more about the G20 visit Visit to learn more about the M30.

GPI is a leading brand of quality fuel transfer pumps and fuel meters that serve commercial and retail customers in diverse applications: fuel, agriculture, chemicals, manufacturing, construction, mining, oil and gas, and more. For more information on GPI fuel transfer products visit