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Graphic Products DuraLabel Toro Max

The Graphic Products team is excited to introduce DuraLabel Toro Max, a powerful, portable, all-in-one industrial label and sign printer. Its renowned predecessor, the DuraLabel Toro, has long been the preferred choice for safety managers. Toro Max combines what customers love about Toro with new features and enhanced technology, making it more dynamic and productive than ever.

“We’ve engineered a faster loading process, and a smarter print system overall,” said Andy Sobiesczyk, research and development manager at Graphic Products. “With this approach, the printer automatically switches to the best settings for the supplies that are loaded, so users don’t need to manually fine-tune those controls. That reduces the time needed to create new labels and avoids wasting supplies on bad prints.”

Toro Max includes a 9” capacitive touchscreen, full-size QWERTY keyboard, and optional battery, making it the only fully portable label and sign printer on the market. With a more powerful processor, enhanced label design software, and a simplified supply loading system, it’s easier than ever to design and print labels while in the field. What’s more, Toro Max includes supply recognition and auto-calibration features that help users save time and avoid wasting tape and ribbon supply.

Graphic Products collaborated closely with customers in numerous industries to develop Toro Max. Whether creating labels for arc flash, GHS/HazCom, asset management, or wayfinding, Toro Max has you covered. Like all DuraLabel printers, Toro Max comes with a 5-year guarantee and world-class support for the service life of the printer. Take facility and worksite communication to the next level with Toro Max.

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