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Greenlee XT Cobalt Step BitsDrill Bits & Cutting Tools

Greenlee XT Cobalt Step Bits

Greenlee continues to drive innovation with the development of its new XT Cobalt Step Bits, designed specifically for drilling clean, smooth holes through stainless steel in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

“More users are working with stainless steel than ever before, and stainless steel is a very difficult material to drill or cut into,” says Rob Bentley, Product Manager for Greenlee.

“Contractors were asking us for a step bit that was tough enough to stand up to stainless steel. They prefer step bits over other solutions because a single bit can make multiple-sized holes in various materials and do it very quickly. With our new XT Cobalt Step Bits our users finally have a solution for stainless steel as well.”

XT Cobalt Step Bits are available in 1/2", 7/8” and 1-1/8” sizes and are engineered using high speed steel with a cobalt additive, which maximizes the bits’ resistance to the heat and abrasion created by drilling. These bits also feature a new split point tip that eliminates walking and penetrates 10GA stainless steel in under 10 seconds.

Like all other Greenlee step bits, the new XT Cobalt Step Bits feature a dual-flute design and a steam oxide finish. The dual-flute design gives end-users two cutting edges that share the load and allows for faster cuts with less force, while the steam oxide finish penetrates the bit, enabling them to run cooler and last even longer. The XT Cobalt Step Bits can also cut through mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, wood and laminates.

Made in the USA, the new Greenlee XT Cobalt Step Bits continue to show Greenlee’s commitment to tradesman and their demand for time-saving solutions that are Made for the Trade.

See the XT Colbalt video here

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