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Festool Centrotec Installer SetDrill Bits & Cutting Tools

Festool Centrotec Installer Set

The new Centrotec Installer Set from Festool establishes a new standard for problem solving and precision drilling/driving solutions. The 89-piece set includes extenders, countersinks, socket adaptors, a hook-driver, square-drive and imperial brad-point bits as well as pilot-bit-countersink combo.

Featuring no-slip, quick-change shanks for use with Festool’s Centrotec System or any keyless or three-jaw chuck, the Centrotec Installer’s Set makes the right bit, countersink, bit holder or extender readily accessible.

“The Centrotec Installer Set provides users with a solution for almost any conceivable drilling or driving application,” says Steve Rangoussis, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Festool USA. “It has an incredibly wide-range of accessories, bits and drivers – you spend less time fumbling around and more time getting work done.”

  • Versatile: Packed with solutions for just about any drilling/driving need, including square-drive bits, and imperial brad-point bits.
  • Fast: Features no-slip, quick-change shanks for use with the Festool Centrotec System or any keyless or three-jaw chuck.
  • Durable: Festool Centrotec drill and driver bits are precisely machined from high-grade steel for proper fit, reduced runout, and assurance of a long service life.

A full and complete list of included drivers and accessories can be found here: