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HONDA GCV170 and GCV200 Engines for Pressure WashersGas Engine Equipment

HONDA GCV170 and GCV200 Engines for Pressure Washers

Net-Rated Engines Offer More Power and More Torque for Tough, Real World Operating Conditions.

Honda Engines is launching two, all-new engines designed specifically to increase the performance of pressure washers—enhancing the user experience and making jobs easier.

Replacing the Honda GCV160 and GCV190, the all-new Honda GCV170 and GCV200 pressure washer engines deliver more: more power and more torque for premium residential applications, along with a range of technological attributes, innovative features and a simple design that make the new models even more reliable and easier to operate and maintain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Honda GCV170 and GCV200 pressure washer engines will replace the GCV160 and GCV190 models and provide best-in-class power and improved torque for premium residential applications.
  • The all-new, high-performance engines are designed with innovative Honda design features, including an improved combustion chamber shape, advanced auto choke design, integrated fuel-off position, and a larger fuel tank opening for easier fueling, making these pressure washer models convenient to start, use and operate.
  • The new GCV170 and GCV200 models are more streamlined and more compact than other engines in the same class and incorporate the CycloFlow™ design, strengthening turbulence in the cylinder and providing more stable combustion. The result is greater resistance to lower quality fuel and ease of starting, along with a smoother idle.
  • The newest Honda pressure washer engines, assembled at the Honda Power Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. facility in Swepsonville, North Carolina, meet the SAEJ1349 net horsepower standard, which rates engine power in real-world operating conditions with the muffler and air filter in place.
  • The Honda GCV200 pressure washer engine will be available later in 2020; the Honda GCV170 pressure washer engine will be available in spring 2021. Both will be for sale to power equipment OEMs.