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Hyde Molding Puller

Hyde Group has introduced a new tool that removes baseboard, trim and other molding materials from walls without damaging those materials. The new HYDE Molding Puller (item #19460) is a heavy-duty steel hand tool that works more efficiently than a pry bar and without the collateral damage that pry bars do to both walls and molding in the process.

While it was designed to effectively remove molding from walls, this tool’s heavy-duty construction means it also excels at a secondary use for removal of tile, carpet, and other types of flooring materials.

“The force and pressure exerted by regular pry bars is levered on a small area between the two materials such as the molding and the drywall behind it,” explains Corey Talbot, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for Hyde Group. “That pressure is often too much for the materials to withstand, causing holes in the wall and damage to the molding.”

By contrast, the HYDE Molding Puller design has a built-in patent pending “wedge” feature on the 90-degree angle that can safely be driven between the materials. It works by spreading the applied force out along a larger surface area and gradually increasing the angle away from the wall to avoid damage.

Important features of the molding puller include:

  • Wedge for easy extraction
  • Built-in nail puller
  • Superior, no-slip handle
  • Hand guard
  • Durable finish withstands hammering
  • Heavy-duty steel body built to last a lifetime

For more information on the HYDE Molding Puller, contact your Hyde sales representative, or contact Hyde Tools customer relations at 1-800-872-4933.