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Spyder Stinger Drill Bits

Spyder Products, a leader in high-performance power tool accessories, today announced the launch of its Stinger wood-boring drill bits. The new Stinger line includes spade and auger bit kits in various configurations.

Spyder’s patented Stinger drill bit design features an innovative self-feeding tip. Because of the recessed edge of the threaded center point, the bits will not jam or clog, and they automatically engage the work surface at optimal feed and speed. No additional force is needed, even if the work performed is at an angle or upside down.

“With the new Stinger drill bits, our goal was to create the most efficient solutions for wood-boring applications,” says Ryan Campbell, vice president of Spyder Products. “The Spyder Stinger design completely eliminates clogging, makes the Stinger bits 20 times faster than conventional center point bits, and enables 10 times more holes per charge. All of this means more accuracy and productivity for users.”

Stinger Spade Bits

In addition to the patented thread point, the new Stinger spade bits feature a black oxide coating for less friction and longer tool life. They also include a 1/4” speed hex that won’t slip in the chuck and can quickly be detached and reattached from a variety of quick-change impact drivers.

6” long spade bits are available in diameters from 1/4” to 1-1/2” and come in convenient 6- and 14-piece kits. 

Stinger Auger Bits

The Stinger line of auger bits are fitted with a unique double twist fluting that vibrates less and produces less friction than traditional single and triple twist auger bits, making the new Spyder products among the easiest-to-control in deep boring applications.

The dual cutting edges score the outside of the wood while simultaneously clearing excess material from the work surface creating extremely clean entry and exit holes with optimal chip flow. 

Spyder has also hardened the cutting edge allowing for users to power through nail embedded wood. The 7/16” and 3/8” no-slip hexes are impact rated for use in battery powered quick change tools.

6-1/2” long auger bits are available in diameters from 3/8” to 1” and come in a convenient 3-piece kit.

Starting in 2007 with the Spyder Scraper and continuing with award-winning 3x3 re-ciprocating saw blades and jig saw blades, hole saws and more, Spyder products has developed a reputation for making quality power tool attachments that make tough jobs easier for professional contractors. The company has also continued to innovate with features that make their products work harder, last longer and finish the job faster.

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