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INDEVCO Barricade Guard Continuous Corner Insulation

INDEVCO North America will exhibit its patent-pending Barricade Guard Continuous Corner at The Sunbelt Builders Show, Booth # 421, at Fort Worth Convention Center on July 13-14, 2023. Visitors can view demos and request samples of the Guard product, produced with either Thermo-Brace Structural Sheathing or Thermo-Brace Structural Insulated Board (SIB). These products have been developed to meet the latest energy codes and cater to the evolving needs of the Texas building industry.

"What’s really exciting this year,” says Darcy Overby, Barricade National Sales Director, “is showing a recent installation of our breakthrough SIB Guard product in Texas. Thermo-Brace Guard wraps corners seamlessly and addresses the challenge of thermal bridging, which helps maintain consistent temperatures throughout the structure.”

Overby continues, “With Thermo-Brace Guard, builders and contractors get a light and fast install and save on both the cost of seam tape and labor for corners. They’re able to unitize the wall and eliminate foam damage usually associated with continuous insulation products. Just as important, home buyers reduce air and moisture infiltration, as well as energy waste, and maximize their overall energy savings.”

INDEVCO North America produces a comprehensive range of building envelope products at its manufacturing plants in Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Virginia. As part of its mission, the company is focused on designing products that increase the efficiency of the building envelope and positively impact Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index and Energy Rating Index (ERI) scores.

Texas builders are increasingly turning to HERS as a compliance pathway for energy ratings. Texas House Bill 3215,1 signed last June and codified into Chapter 388 of Texas Building Energy Performance Standards, separates HERS from the ICC/IRC ERI. According to RESNET, Texas was the top ranked state in the US for the number of HERS-rated homes in 2022.2

Geoff Baldwin, INDEVCO North America Chief Innovation Officer, explains, “We’re thrilled to showcase our latest developments. These products reflect our commitment to pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. We’re confident that they will reshape the construction industry and drive the adoption of greener building practices."

In addition to continuous corner insulation, INDEVCO North America will introduce Barricade Thermo-Pro EPS Non-Structural Rigid Foam Insulation for the first time at The Sunbelt Show.

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