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Kärcher KIRA B 50 Automatic Scrubber

Kärcher is pleased to present its newest autonomous cleaning machine – the KIRA B 50 scrubber. KIRA utilizes 3-Dimensional sensing along with integrated laser scanners to ensure reliable, consistent navigation within any facility.

An optional docking station and lithium-ion batteries enable KIRA B 50 to perform rapid, autonomous resource exchanges. This helps in limiting the need for human interaction, saving valuable time and money.

Thanks to the unique operating system, the autonomous machine can be configured for cleaning any environment quickly. Operators will be able to efficiently map and store routes that will allow KIRA to maximize it’s cleaning potential.

Efficient and autonomous scrubber

With a working width of 22-inches, a maximum working speed of 2.7 mph and the powerful 160 Ah lithium-ion battery, the scrubber brings an area performance of up to 25,450 ft²/h in autonomous mode. KIRA is effective for medium to large sized applications and can also excel in congested cleaning environments. KIRA B 50 is an ideal addition to a wide range of applications including: logistics, transportation, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and education.

Parameters such as solution flow, chemical dilution and cleaning speed can be pre-set, ensuring clean solution is applied properly depending on the working speed. Proven cylindrical brush technology with pre-sweep function and the side brush enable cleaning close to the edge, ensuring consistently high cleaning results. Staff will have more time to take care of high value tasks and emergencies while KIRA takes care of the day-to-day flooring demands.

All functions are easy to use 

There are often reservations about autonomous cleaning units as they can only be configured by trained specialists. That's why Kärcher developed the software so that all settings can be made without expertise or technical knowledge thanks to intuitive menus and user guidance. Pictures and clear instructions help the user to create and edit routes on the large touch display prior to autonomous cleaning. If required, they can start the unit in manual mode. If a cleaning section is to be programmed, then the user simply chooses a start point and follows the intended path with KIRA B 50 – the progress can be viewed at any point in time. 

Modern technology and docking station 

Integrated laser scanners along with 3-Dimensional sensors and a powerful on-board computer maximize 360 degree safety protocols. Quick reactions and reliable navigation are of paramount importance while working in any scenario. The scrubber never stops detecting and updating it's immediate surroundings to safely, reliably work around humans and obstacles to make evasive maneuvers if necessary. Additionally, there is an integrated light package that helps to inform individuals in the area about the robots behavior. The unit is safety certified in accordance with the CSA_22.2 No. 336-17 and IEC 60335-2-117 for use in public areas. 

Maximum autonomy can be achieved by pairing the KIRA unit with a docking station. Staff no longer must stop what they are doing in order to make sure the proper resource exchange is taking place. On its own at the appropriate time the scrubber can dock in order to purge and rinse the dirty solution tank, refill the freshwater system and recharge the batteries. These needs can be performed manually if desired, but the docking station will help to truly optimize operation of the KIRA. Multiple docking stations can even be used for extremely large facilities to minimize travel time to and from the resource exchange sites.